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Here’s what current Skeeter Beater customers have to say…


“Mosquito’s were only troublesome when the prevailing winds stopped and the Skeeter Beaters were very effective at these times while camping near the Owens River along the Sierra Nevada’s in California. We are very happy with the fit and finish of your product—they store easily and fit perfectly over the rain guards that are installed on our Sportsmobile’s front window’s and actually provide some shading. Thank you for providing such a great product and your ongoing interest in your customers satisfaction with your products.”

Gregg de Long—Azusa, CA

“We LOVE the Skeeter Beaters! We used them daily on our trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They went on in seconds and we were able to leave the windows down on the Explorer parked in the shade and return to a cool, bug-free truck. On one occasion we got in the truck in the skeeter-filled woods and removed the screens from the inside once we were moving fast enough that the little things couldn’t keep up. I’m so happy with these screens. You guys are geniuses and your customer service is off the hook…the screens came two days after I put in my order!”

Katherine Bemish—Ann Arbor, MI

“As a new owner of a Roadtrek class B conversion van, I did not realize the problems with bugs and fresh air ventilation in a vehicle of this type. Especially in Florida and the south. Skeeter Beaters are the best thing since sliced bread. We can now draw fresh air in with without even no see um’s getting in. I had a problem with sizing on my first order. Mona, and her staff, kept in touch and resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. Skeeter Beaters are not just for camping. Anytime you want fresh air, without pests, you need Skeeter Beaters. Thanks for a great product and service.”

Art Sweany, Pensacola Beach, Florida

“We live in the vicious, bug-infested north woods of Wisconsin so this was the perfect gift for my husband, who is an avid hunter. With all of the gear he has to pack, a tent is one less thing he has to worry about now. He’s also more comfortable sleeping in the back of his Dodge Durango instead of on the ground!”

Peggy Loeffel—Minocqua, WI

“I keep a pair of Skeeters in the glovebox of our GMC Yukon because my wife and I like to hike at any given opportunity. They fit perfectly over the back door windows, providing ventilation so we don’t have to get in a stifling car after a long hike! If we spend the night in our ‘SUV tent alternative,’ it’s nice to be able to get in and out of the vehicle while the screens stay in place over the window. Great design!”

Jim Cummings—Butte, MT

“I saw your product mentioned on a Roadtrek blog so decided to order a pair for our 170 Chevy Roadtrek Popular. I have to tell you they worked great during our stay in Maine! The skeeters there were big enough to eat us alive! And our dogs appreciated the extra ventilation when we were running errands away from our camper. One of those products that make you ask ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

Bill Marks—Ottawa, Canada

“After your quick response to my question, with tips on fit, and your money back guarantee, placing my order was a slam dunk! Excellent customer service! Look forward to putting our Skeeters to the test in the Florida Everglades.”

Blake Sanborn—Lehi, UT

“Last summer my 10 year old daughter and I went camping to Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta. We set up our tent, and were swarmed by ravenous mosquitoes. When we walked around the campsite we saw signs warning of black widow spiders, scorpions and rattlesnakes in the park. I didn’t know there were scorpions anywhere in Canada! Anyways, there was no way Hannah was going to sleep on the ground, so we set up our sleeping bags in the back of my Grand Vitara. It was the longest, hottest night of my life, temperature in the low 90’s. We couldn’t open the windows or sunroof because the mosquitoes were so bad. If you had a booth in that park you could sell your Skeeter Beaters for a thousand dollars each. (I would have bought two at that price!) We’re planning our next camping trip this Spring to Death Valley in our new Volkswagen Passat Wagon equipped with a pair of Skeeter Beaters!”

Norm Greenway—Delta, B.C.

keeping cool in record breaking heat

“Greetings from Gray Fox 2019 a four day bluegrass festival in NY that we have been volunteering at for approximately the last 10 years. It was a record breaking heatwave this year but we slept well with our Skeeter Beater screens on. Very, very happy campers!!”

Debbie & Bart—Oak Hill, NY

“My boyfriend and I like to travel and I prefer to camp. With our Skeeter Beaters packed we can fly to Colorado, rent an SUV, drive up to the mountains and sleep in the back with out having to pack a tent and all that gear. It is so convenient”.

Susan McKenzie—Evans, GA

“I’m so glad I found your product! We are getting ready for a much anticipated camping trip to Yellowstone National Park but heard on the news that a bear had attacked a camper while sleeping in a tent. I’ll feel safer now using the Skeeters and sleeping in the back of our Ford Explorer instead of a tent. Thanks for a safer way to camp in the great outdoors!”

Patrick Lee—Seattle, WA


“Wanted to share with you, and fellow wildlife photographers, how easy it was to modify my Skeeter Beaters so I can take pictures in any kind of weather from the comfort of my Jeep. It took about 10 minutes to cut the slit and apply the Velcro strips, both front and back. The Velcro allows me to use the screens even without a lens by just pinching the slit closed.”

Joe Mikus—Winchester, VA

“I do a lot of camping with my horses and your product makes things SO much easier for us to camp in our vehicles instead of schlepping along a tent! Believe me, after hooking up, loading up, then taking care of a horse, the last thing I want to do is spend 30 minutes battling a pup tent then putting up with the noise of my horse chomping and stomping all night 10 feet away. If you can sleep in a vehicle it’s much simpler, quieter and warmer. Not to mention, I can leave the windows down now on my F350 so it doesn’t bake at rides…and not come back from 9 hours on the trail to find my truck full of flies!”

Laurie Dupuis—Orange County, CA

“WOW!! Super fast shipping!! Got the Beaters today and I am VERY pleased, quality craftsmanship right here in the USA! Thank you ever so much! You can use this and my name in your testimonials if you wish. Good people and products deserve kudos! Thanks again and wishing you all the best, Jeff.”

Herman Jefferies—Bowling Green, KY

“Our Skeeter Beaters have really helped to ventilate the front of our Roadtrek RV but we wanted to share with you another way we’ve used them. While camping in southern Indiana recently we encountered a problem we never before had experienced. Really tiny, almost invisible, flying “gnats” were able to invade the Roadtrek during the night through the weave openings in the motorhome’s built-in side window screens. There were literally thousands of these insects hovering around inside the van by the time we realized what was going on. It took a lot of swatting and swearing to eliminate them. Then we decided to place our Skeeter Beater screens outside over the Roadtrek side window screens and the Skeeters’ tighter screen weave stopped the bugs so we were able to leave the windows open all night. Thanks for a great product that does what it says . . . ”keeps out even the tiniest no see-ums.”

Mike & Nancy—Glendale, OH

“Thanks so much for facilitating our receiving the skeeterbeaters at our destination in Indiana. I wanted to write and let you know that we love our skeeterbeaters and used them when we spent the night in our car. We arrived late at a KOA campsite in Traverse City, Michigan, and didn’t want to set up our tent in the dark. So we just opened the windows including the moon roof, covered them all with the skeeterbeaters, rolled out our sleeping pads and bags in the back of our Acura MDX SUV, plumped up our pillows, and fell asleep with the cool breezes wafting through the “screens”. What a great product! We look forward to our next skeeterbeater night.”

Jeff & Bobbie Borne—Wallingford, CT

“I am currently on a ferry enjoying my skeeter beater screens on my passenger and driver’s door windows and appreciating the lack of flies! I recently went camping and found the screens easy and very effective. I can’t thank you enough for such a great product that is just so easy to use and store. I often use my van as a mobile office, I wouldn’t dare open those doors and windows without my skeeter beaters!!!”

Lorie G., DE

“My boyfriend and I like to travel and I prefer to camp. With our Skeeter Beaters packed we can fly to Colorado, rent an SUV, drive up to the mountains and sleep in the back with out having to pack a tent and all that gear. It is so convenient”.

Susan McKenzie—Evans, GA

“My autistic son is very scared of bugs (even flies!) so whenever we go to a drive in theater or have to sit in the car for a period of time, he insists that the windows stay up to keep the bugs out and it can get stuffy inside the vehicle. I used the moon roof screen this evening and it fit and worked great! So nice to have the fresh air coming in and not have to worry about bugs!”

Sharlene T.—Coronado, CA

“It’s a 3-3.5 hr drive for me to where I ATV. If I leave work right away I’ll be arriving in a pretty remote area by nightfall. That means finding and setting up a decent camp in the dark, which tends to make me just want to leave Saturday morning and that cuts into trail time. These Skeeter Beaters will almost extend the weekend by allowing me to easily set up on Friday night, ride all day Saturday and still have Sunday for whatever! Plus I don’t have to break down anything the last day, which is peace of mind when it’s public land.”

James Enns—Toronto, Canada

My “Beaters” arrived today and they’re awesome! I’m sending this feedback because I so appreciate your time walking me through different, creative options on the phone. Glad I went with the recommended Sequoia for my Promaster 1500 front windows. There’s minimal folding over to do at the top, which takes 10 seconds. I considered getting a bigger size that would covered the small fixed windows as well as the opening ones. That would have given more privacy from people looking in. However, there’s a trade off in that the Sequoia keep the view unobstructed out the small windows. My major concern was the long vertical span of rubber between the opening windows and the fixed small windows, to which magnets can’t attach. However, the screen lies flat against that rubber. Highly unlikely that bugs will get under the screen there. All in all, “10!”

MJB, Seattle

“These work great with the bugs as bad as they are here. We own a Dodge Caravan and do a lot of outdoor family get togethers so we ordered some van window screens. When one of the kids wants to lie down, take a nap, watch a movie, or play a game they can hang out in the back of our van, stay cool and not be bothered by the bugs. We just love them”.

Carli Davis—Weston, FL

“I either hunt, fish, hike or camp almost every weekend. With the Skeeter Beaters I don’t have to pack a tent, tent poles, tent stakes, a tent fly or a tarp to put the tent on. And best of all I don’t have to set the tent up. I just throw these car window mosquito nets on the back windows of my Tahoe like a casting net and I am done. Light or dark out, not a problem! How cool is that?”

Jay Hammond—Houston, TX

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