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About Us

A Message from Tim Davis, Owner

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, floating, and camping just to name a few. We are fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful streams and trails right here in the Ozark foothills of Missouri. My wife, Mona, and I have taken our five children on many camping trips to instill in them an appreciation of all the natural wonders of the outdoors. With that being said, I’ve had first-hand experience setting up many kinds of tents, some with ease and some close to the point of tossing them in the river or lake that we were camping next to!

Tim and Mona

My wife, Mona, and I enjoying the Smokies bug free.

Skeeter Beaters are made with help from our local sheltered workshop.

The children have since grown and are experiencing their own outdoor activities now but Mona and I still enjoy getting out as often as possible. We started sleeping in the back of our SUV instead of struggling with the traditional tent. The problem, of course, was getting some fresh air inside without the annoying bugs.

Eureka! The Skeeter Beater was born.

We chose the best no see-um netting available, made from 100% polyester and true no see-um rated mesh.

After much encouragement from our friends and family we have now made them available to you. Our screens are manufactured locally in partnership with a Missouri Sheltered Workshop. We hope you enjoy our idea and the ease and convenience it brings to all your outings and/or outdoor experiences.

We value your opinion and would love to hear from you. To hear what other customers have said, check out our testimonials.

Tim Davis
Owner, The Skeeter Beater