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KOALA by Hangtime


Because sh*t happens…
The smartphone leash for life on the go!

When the risk is high (or you’re clumsy) the KOALA keeps your phone safe.

The KOALA Super-Grip Phone Harness easily attaches to clothing, backpacks, life vests, and fanny packs to provide your phone with extra security.

Whether you’ve dropped a phone more times than you can count, or like to get the shot while you’re playing in the wild, the KOALA will make sure your phone is safe and secure.

We designed the KOALA tether to be the perfect selfie length! It’s made with a Heavy Duty urethane material that can stretch up to 4 feet.

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The KOALA fits nearly every smartphone on the market and stays clear of the cameras on most iPhone and Android smartphones. If there is minor camera interference, the harness can usually be adjusted to resolve the problem.
A couple of notable exceptions are:

iPhone 11 Pro – The KOALA does securely fit around the iPhone 11 Pro, but one of the straps covers the edge of the wide angle camera lens. This is less of an issue on the iPhone Pro Max due to the larger form factor. Depending on which lens you primarily, use this may not be a concern for you. Some users have opted to slip one corner of the harness off when taking photos to eliminate the interference.

Samsung S10 – The KOALA is not ideally suited to phones with a horizontal band of rear-facing cameras, such as the Galaxy S10 or the Note 9. That said, adjusting the straps around the lenses or slipping off one corner of the harness while taking photos can solve this issue.

100% HAPPINESS WARRANTY – On the slopes, river, or trail, the simple, secure, and compact KOALA slips over any phone, case or not, to protect your device regardless of the situation. If your KOALA ever breaks or stops working as you expect it to, send it back to Hangtime and they will replace it for free.

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .5 in

Campfire Gray, Deepwater Blue